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Weight Loss Starts Here

The most powerful weight loss therapy approved by the FDA is Semaglutide

Participants in clinical trials lost 15% of their body weight when using this medication in addition to diet and exercise. Semaglutide is the active ingredient in several diabetes medications. It makes you feel full and decreases your appetite by mimicking the body’s response to increased blood sugar and delays gastric emptying.

The medication is a weekly injection. Currently, the lowest cost of this prescription at retail pharmacies is about $850/month. We can offer prescription strength starting at $300/month and it would include: 

appointments with our NP

full lab work-up

And coaching on optimizing:




stress management 

IMG_2543_edited_ccexpress (1)_edited.png

Jennifer Mahoney, APRN-BC

Your appointment will be with Jennifer, our Nurse Practitioner, in your home via telehealth. 

Get 50% off your 3rd month if you sign up between now and
July 30, 2022. Act NOW for that summer beach body!

Schedule a FREE Blissful Weight Management Strategy Call with Jennifer to find out more.

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